As of 5:00 pm Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020, Farmall-Land USA is officially CLOSED!  
  This is a very difficult letter to write-we are so full of mixed emotions!  We have been blessed for the past 12 years to be able to live and share Jerry's Dream. However, we have decided that it is time for the next phase of our retirement lives.  
  We want to thank all of you for sharing Farmall-Land with us. We will miss the friendships that have been formed and the many conversations that were held during these past years. Sharing the stories of childhood, past and future dreams with you will always be cherished. Seeing the young and "old" children was also special!  
  A special thank you to our helpers (we called ourselves the Senior Citizens Group) that worked with us and supported us throughout these years. You mean more to us than you could ever know!  
  God has truly blessed us with each of you, thank you and God Bless!   

  Jerry and Joyce Mez  

Cherish Yesterday - Dream of Tomorrow - Live Today

Information on the upcoming Farmall-Land-USA series of auctions through Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc., can be found at GirardAuction.com or GirardBid.com and by calling 605-267-2421 or toll-free 1-866-531-6186. They also will update information on times that the museum will be open the weekend prior to auction closings for those interested in bidding. 

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